Automatic cache purge

The launcher purges the game cache from time to time and then I have to download it all again. I’m a 4g user, so downloading a few gigabytes takes hours. Besides, I can’t just download it like it’s usually done with a game client. For instance, every time I enter a “new” system I get stuck for a minute, while somthing is being downloaded. And thanks to autopurge every single system becomes “new” every other week. Apart from being rather annoying it creates major gameplay issues.
So, how can I turn the damn thing off?

I’ve never had this happen to me… something’s wrong there.

It kees happening a few times a month. Of course the problem is easily solved by creating a backup from time to time, but I’d rather not waste time on it.
Speaking of wasting time, it took about 20 minutes to log in because I had to eneter some security code sent to my email. Forgot there was one capital in the password, then there was captcha, when finally I got the code and enetered it there was an internal server error, then the page simply refused to open etc, etc, etc… I wish devs did not thrust that security nonsense upon their users but gave us a choice.

The same problem here. Right now I have to download 1.02gb of data because last time I started EVE the launcher decided to purge ~60k files (but the game started normally afterwards).
This happens a couple of times every month, for the last few months. Once it purged ~220k files.

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