I no longer want to play patch online

Hi ccp … is there anyway for you to stop spam patch. I mean each week i almost have 1Giga to download for MINOR features. With my 256ko/s i spend more time downloading patches … then playing.
The worse it gets, I don’t even make the effort to download these painful patches anymore. I prefer to stop client and i do not play anymore … i have others game to play.
I’m really starting to get fed up


Do you have the full game downloaded? Mine doesnt download a patch every day


I think you have a technical problem lolol

Do this to fix it on eve launcher:

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The game has been updating for me every day the same ~160 mb after every DT during the workdays week.


I think that might be as the new ship is being built for the event, not sure thou.

I’ve noticed that with the new launcher, that option often becomes unchecked for me.

My EVE shared cache had ballooned to over 70GB (not a typo!) - so I had to manually purge it and re-download the client (~4.5GB). It’s now downloading the rest of the files (~30GB).

No idea what the other ~35GB was supposedly being used for.

Come on CCP - get your sh*t together already.


“remove unused files”

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If that is the case, it would be really nice if CCP mentioned that in the patch notes. Maybe not every day but something along the lines of “feature will be continually updated as item hand-ins progress” or something like that.


“it would be really nice”.

Yeah dude, it would be really nice if everything was free.
Stop daydreaming.

CCP have left a lot of things out of patch notes btw, I’ve found quite a few new things recently like the new data site in pochven didn’t see it at all on patch notes.

The reward is still meh thou lol 10mil for 10min work :confused: what is with this 60/h nonsense it wont get anyone out of bed or excited for.


Yeah, would be nice. I won’t stop daydreaming about free content. In the meantime: Another 132MB patch without a patch notes entry. :person_shrugging:

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I don’t see any mini-patches downloading so it may be due to some setting, try the Download Full Client option shown by Resonance.

You could also try leaving the launcher running overnight so it can potentially download updates while nothing else is going on.

That’s a you problem.

Maybe at least wait a few minutes to see if any get posted?
" * The Upwell Prototype Facility in Auviken is no longer deadspace/warp disrupted, so players will be able to warp to objects close by such as the customs office at planet VI."

Well at 256 k/s would be over 150 hrs.

Yea I do not miss 2004’s, 56k had to download half life 2 for over a weak and every time the telephone rang it would dc and have to find its spot again.

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Definitely don’t like it and I’ve mentioned that issue a few times in the past… guess I’m now just use to it happening…

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Every day I get this after maintenance restart though it doesn’t trigger me.