[AUTZ] Black Lancers - Amarr FW - The Resurrection

The Black Lancers are a militant order founded by Ultra-conservative Khanid holders with ties to the Order of St. Tetrimon. The Black Lancers operate primarily in The Bleak Lands fighting against Minmatar aligned powers and furthering the ideology of the Order of St. Tetrimon through terrorism and absolute force of arms.

What we do & what we’re about

The corp was originally active from 2017-2019 before going on hiatus for two years, so we probably know what we’re doing.

Our main activity is solo and small gang PVP in the Amarr-Minmatar warzone. We are enlisted in the Amarr Militia and actively partake in Factional Warfare. As an AUTZ based corp our peak activity during the weekday is around 5:00 - 12:00 EVE time with the weekends earlier during late USTZ (1:00-3:00)

As a corp we’re not just restricted to Factional Warfare - we also dabble in highsec ganking (for purely roleplay reasons) and nullsec roams taking advantage of the filament system.

We fly mostly T1/Faction Frigates to Cruisers.

No killboard pvp elitism here, just laser beams and slave memes. Check out our killboard to see the kind of content we usually get and what time we’re active.

What we offer

Being a newbie in EVE is already unforgiving especially if you plan to dabble in solo frigate/destroyer PVP without high SP and knowledge. We have corp standard fits and SRP which is available for pilots dabbling in solo PVP for the first time.

We’re a small corp so there will always be time and attention for you as a member. Be sure that there will always be help and advice.


  • Must have Discord - it is our primary form of communication.
  • No Skillpoint requirements - however you must be willing to skill plan heavily into PvP
  • Alts are allowed, however it’s expected that you declare your main(s)

Our public channel is BKLX Public feel free to join and have a chat or you can mail Kaial Vazar if no one is online you can join our discord and introduce yourself in the public chat



Check our killboard - decent solo/small gang content!

CCPlz - why is it called a novice when a snaked out pirate frigate can enter it? Please make it T1 frigates only!

Also if anyone’s wondering how much ISK you can make in FW - to be honest it’s not much but definitely suistainable. The ideal rate is 1000 ISK/LP - so at the current tier you are looking at 60-100mil/hr.

Recruiting still!

We’re ramping up our activity soon! Join in!

Still recruiting!

I’m out of things to say. Let’s go boys.

We’re now branching out to highsec ganking and null ESS Roams!

Spies encouraged to apply.

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