[AUTZ] Black Lancers - Amarr FW - Recruiting

The Black Lancers formed as a militant order founded by Khanid holders with ties to the Order of St. Tetrimon. The Black Lancers operate primarily in The Bleak Lands battling Minmatar aligned forces and pirate elements to restore stability and prosperity to the region.



Our corporation was initially formed and active from 2017 to 2019. Now, we’re reinvigorated and starting anew. Our primary objective is to build a cohesive AUTZ (Australian Time Zone) group dedicated to Amarr Faction Warfare.

At our core, our philosophy remains straightforward: we’re passionate about engaging in EVE’s exhilarating PvP encounters and constantly seeking opportunities to learn and grow. Explore our killboard to get a glimpse of the content we typically engage in and our active hours (0500-1200 EVE Time).

We welcome Direct Enlistment militia members to fly with us on a regular basis as associates without leaving your corp.


  • We use Discord for communication, you must be able to listen to audio at the minimum
  • No specific skill points are required, but heavy skilling into PVP is expected - Alpha toons are welcome
  • Highly recommend a postitive sec status as we base out of highsec

Join our public channel BKLX Public for a chat or feel free to contact Kaial Vazar via mail if no one is online. You can also join our Discord to get in touch.

We’re still recruiting! Come join for some weekend fun.

Still recruiting! We’ll be running public fleets in the war zone this weekend!!

Had a blast with public fleet on friday! Come join!

Still recruiting, lets go!!

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