Black Squadron. [V4DER] Reopens Recruitment!

BLACK_SQUADRON. is a highly-coordinated, well-organized, group of players from all over the world, who share an interest in blowing ■■■■ up. We encourage and promote PVP, but without the pressure to maintain a good looking killboard. Success comes with experience, and experience comes through dying in a fire. Reship, undock, and cycle those guns as soon as possible! Members usually referrer to the corp by it’s ticker V4DER. The correct way of pronouncing is “V FOR DERRR”.

Check our latest Recruitmentvideo!
As well as our beautiful Corp Homepage!

What you need:

  • Activity and the will to play (We are NOT looking for AFK people)
  • The will to participate in Goonswarm_Federation strategic fleets (Mandatory!)

What we offer:

  • ISK Guidance for passive and active income in 0.0 space (You can get tons of isk in Nullsec!)
  • Corporational PVP OPs (Fun and Chaotic, Quick and Effective)
  • Training fleets (“FC, can I bring a Drake?”)
  • TeamSpeak, mumble, Jabber, Forums, (we also offer a “special” WhatsApp group)
  • Smacktalk (Hell yea we love being bad!)
  • and everything, Goonswarm_Federation can offer.

Any Questions? EveMail @ Eutereule or Simply Join IG-Channel “V4DER-Public” ! See you guys there!This text will be hidden

Still open!

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