BLACK SQUADRON. Is Opening its doors! New and Old! Come one come all! [Null]

Hey People!
Heres a little something.
We’re BLACK SQUADRON. Part of the Goonswarm Fed! we are a bunch of misfits who seem to play a little too much. We’re looking for new and old players to come either pew pew in jackdaws to titans, or fill their pockets with isk, whether it be AFK VNI ratting, rorqual spamming or doing what I do best, meowing in local for isk!

Here’s the mandatory “here’s what we offer” list
ᴥHUGE scale PvP. We’re part of goons so. You know. Lots of pvp. Lots of big pvp
ᴥIndustry - You see delve on the CCP monthly Charts right? We also have a standing fleet, so if your little mining ships get tackled everyone and their grandmother jumps like 30 titans each in to save you*.
*just don’t watch local, it gives us content.

Minimum requirements are as follows -
At least three brain cells.
A need to shoot things. Rats or players. Preferably not blues. But hey it’s goons.
Ability to put up with French, Germans, Americans, Brits and one Pilipino guy that doesn’t log in. Oh and an Irish guy.

Shoot me a message on here or send me an In game mail for more info!

With lots of love,

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We’re still looking for scru- i mean pilots!

More info please, email ingame :smiley: my eve app doesnt let me send emails for sone reason, also wont have game acces till friday :frowning:

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