BSCL Recruiting - 0.0 Corp Looking for PvP Pilots!

BSCL was founded many years ago in 2007 and is currently a corp in Tactical Narcotics Team a member alliance of the Imperium based in Delve. Currently we are looking for new corp members that want a fun group of guys (girls welcome) to PvP and make money with. I’ll make it short and sweet, read what’s below to see if you fit us and we fit you.

What we have to offer:

*A home in the wealthiest region of nullsec and the game
*Constant small gang, bomber, and blop fleets from the coalition and the alliance
*Free skillbooks for newbros
*JF service
*Constant content in all areas
*Experienced members willing to teach others
*Many experienced FCs that will guide you on fleets
*Fully upgraded systems throughout the region
*A large industrial backbone that you can be apart of
*Full fledged communication systems such as intel channels, fleet pings, and Teamspeak
*Getting isk not just for PvE activities but also PvP due to our SRP program
*A group of fun guys who enjoy Eve as much as you!

What we need from you

*We accept newbros however we expect you to have a grip of the game and have been playing for a few months
*Constant activity on comms and in game
*Meet the fleet per month requirement
*Willingness to learn and listen
*A headset

Join BSC Legion Public in-game or send a mail to Carter Talvanen and/or unholy truth to join.





bumperrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee mah dudes

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