[AUTZ] Black Lancers - Low-sec PVP


(Kaial Vazar) #21

no more API keys, spies are welcome to join our corp

(Kaial Vazar) #22

recruitment closed boys, sorry have a good day

(Kaial Vazar) #23

we’re recruiting again - new requirements and whatnot o7

(Kaial Vazar) #24


(Kaial Vazar) #25


(Kaial Vazar) #26

Recruiting still kinda

(Kaial Vazar) #27

still recruiting looking for pvpers

(Kaial Vazar) #28

well crap we’re still here

(Kaial Vazar) #29

Join Maidens Of The Chalice instead if you’re looking for a real FW corporation. They’re the top Amarr FW corporation/alliance and have a strong EUTZ presence. Tell them Kaial sent you for a enlistment bonus.

(Kaial Vazar) #30

recruiting people still kinda

(Kaial Vazar) #31

we’re recruiting still so yeah join now or never

(Kaial Vazar) #32

we still good

(Kaial Vazar) #33

we even better now

(Kaial Vazar) #34

WE’re BACK AFTER A HIATUS - lowsec pvp piracy

(Magnis Solaris) #35

One of the best corps I’ve ever been in. Everyone in it is a good pvp pilot and enjoyable to fly with.

(Kaial Vazar) #36

ayyylmaooo we’re still here

(Kaial Vazar) #37

removing sp requirement

(Kaial Vazar) #38

i love newer players, totally not meat shields, please join!!!

(Kaial Vazar) #39

we are now introducing a reward scheme for potential recruit, if you join with 1 friend or more u will get free stuff such as exclusive T1 fitted tristans and other goodies. also director titles if u manage to recruit at least 5 people - our corp hangers are packed full of stuff

(Kaial Vazar) #40

lowsec is dead, join now to experience EVE at its finest