🇦🇺 AUTZ Corp List - Find a home you Aussies!


Had a bit of a break so my original thread got locked.

However, I just wanted to share this again for Aussies looking for new corps.

Finding a corp and locating information relevant to your timezone can be a right pain in the backside.

To help reduce the headaches and effort for AU/Oceanic players, I have created a list of corps covered in the AUTZ. This information comes from public sources.

If you want your corp removed, please get a director or your CEO to send me an in game message or on Discord: raz0069

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See you in space!


Thanks for putting this together, Glad to See MINC there :slight_smile: :japan:

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Thanks for this! I should join one of those.

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You should!

There are plenty of other AUTZ corps out there, I just haven’t found them all yet :slight_smile:

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You can add The Order of Omerta to that list. We are primarily US but I got a few trusted officers who now play in AU/Oceanic TZ and are looking to build that tz specifically. We are into FW/INDY/PVP and PVE. Chilled laid back community where having fun is our main agenda. Come kill some Galmil with us and lets build a better place to play.

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Can do mate, just flick the details through on this form :slight_smile: