[AUTZ] Drop Bears are recruiting to help bunnings beat it by 10%!

Are you AUTZ ? Are you related to Larry from Wagga (Larry from Wagga - YouTube)? Come fly with a bunch of soggy weetbix and try something new.

Drop Bears Club are a Wormhole Corp looking for AU pilots that are interested in WH/NS/LS PvP.

What we offer:

  • Small Gang Roams (WH/NS/LS)

  • Roll wh’s for content (PvPvE)

  • Group Krabbing (Our WH and neighbouring holes)

  • Discord and Pathfinder

  • 0% Tax on krabbing and poco’s

  • Anyone can FC a fleet (Highly encouraged)

Minimum Requirements:

  • 2 Omega Accounts

  • Working Mic

  • Full ESI check on all characters

Join “DBCUB Public” (ingame channel) and come have a chat with us.

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