[AUTZ] Drop Bears Club is now recruiting!

Are you AUTZ and looking for a change ??

Drop Bears Club are a Wormhole Corp looking for AU pilots that are interested in WH/NS/LS PvP.

What we offer:

  • Small Gang Roams (WH/NS/LS)

  • Roll wh’s for content (PvPvE)

  • Group Krabbing (Our WH and neighbouring holes)

  • Discord and Pathfinder

  • 0% Tax on krabbing and poco’s

  • Anyone can FC a fleet (Highly encouraged)

Minimum Requirements:

  • 2 Omega Accounts (Alpha’s can be considered)

  • Working Mic

  • Willingness to Scan for content

  • Full ESI check on all characters

Drop Bears is here to have fun while blowing up ships, making moneys and making new friends.

If you know how to play Eve and want to venture into wormhole life to pvp and make some isk.

Join “DBCUB Public” (ingame channel) and come have a chat with us.

Friendly Bump. Recruiting still open

Friendly Bump
Looking for a chilled place to do wh. join our in game channel
DBCUB Public

Recruiting is open again!! Hop into in game channel “DBCUB Public”

Recruitment still open

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