Drop Bears Club [AU TZ PVP]

We are part of Militaires-Sans-Frontieres. Primarily a hi-sec war dec alliance. If you are a newbro, seasoned vet or indy pilot looking to wet your whistle with something a bit different, Drop Bears is the place for you.

Mostly Australian Time zone, some US as well.

What we do;

-Regular war decs, if you like bullying the miners, camping trade hubs and the odd suicide gank

-Losec and null roams


-Gate camps

-Wormhole dives and evictions

-Tidi, we have some friends in null who we fly with.

Indy guys get a bunch of moons rocks to shoot at, stations to make stuff and heaps of knowledge to leverage.

We do a bit of everything. Requirements are that you have a working mic, consent to an ESI check and have a sense of humor. We enjoy the banter on coms whatever we are doing, that’s the best part about eve.

Contact ‘Tawazun Statera’ or join ‘RBC_recruit’ channel in-game. We do not accept blind applications, so please contact a recruiter or join the channel if you are interested.

Fly Suspect o7

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