[AUTZ] Pink Review - Looking for new members to join our small aussie family with No VIsual

Heya, thanks for checking us out! We’re currently a Null-Sec Based Corp flying with No Visual supporting them however we can!

Who are we?
A small aussie corp of irl freinds looking to start recruiting for any Aussie Eve Players who are interested in Null-Sec Space and everything we can offer.

What we offer

  • Access to Alliance/Coalition Fleets with SRP (Ship Replacement Program)
  • Corp/Alliance/Coalition Operations
  • Soverienty for Mining and Ratting
  • Wormhole Access
  • Mining Fleets with boost
  • Industry Infrastructure with an active market
  • Support for any activities you are interested in doing
  • Relaxed and Casual Environment

What we hope to see from you

  • Members who enjoy the game
  • Willing to be on voice comms (Discord for Corp and Alliance) (Mumble for Coalition). However this is not mandatory
  • Freindly banter

Feel free to chuck me and eve mail ingame or join our Discord to chat to a recruitment officer. We hope to see you soon :slight_smile:

Still looking for new pinkies to come have a chat and see what we offer

We’re willing to help you with whatever your aspirations are, come check us out!

Still looking for newbies or vets to come hang with us. Shoot me an eve mail or join the NV discord to have a chat

Plenty of activites and timezones for new members looking to accomplish their goals. shoot me and an evemail or join the NV discord to talk to us to see if we’re right for you

isbel is kil

pls join so we can fix isbel


help wwe nned ur help to kill mean goons because they are not good come jlin pr and we will give you cotnyent

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