AUTZ Players - Kaar Corporation is Recruiting AU/NZ TZ players for NPC Nullsec based Alliance

Kaar Corporation and Dark Side of the Eclipse seeking AUTZ players!

  • Aussie lead corporation in AUTZ, part of the 600+ member Dark Side of the Eclipse []
  • We are a laid back group based in Australia. Community driven multi-TZ alliance based in NPC nullsec.
  • Primarily industrial/PvE/small gang PvP whilst participating in alliance wide fleet PvP.
  • We venture into most aspects of the game. We play for fun!
  • R64 / R32 moons available (Corporation and Alliance)

If you are looking for a close knit bunch of Aussies look no further.

We communicate via Teamspeak and Discord. Alliance Auth is required.

For more information hit up Asahaar or Vino17 in game.

Recruitment is still open yell out for more info!

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