AUTZ Recruit me

So I have 3 Accounts, +170m, +120m,+ 25m SP.

2 accounts have (almost) all empire combat subcaps and ALL T2 combat subcap ship specs to 5, up to and including BLOPS and Marauders 5 (toon 2 is still training command dessies and Gal BS5).

Both have Amarr and Min T3 subs 5, toon 1 has all subsystems 5. Both have Hecate’s to 5, and every other T3 is flyable or within a 30 minute train. Also Logistics frigates is not a real skill, but that’s not saying I cant fly them.

Both mains have all T2 subcap weapons, supports at 5, with the exception of toon 2 missing T2 sentries.
Toon 1 has all subcap Trig ships 5 and is mindlink capable on all combat bursts.

3rd toon has Rhea + Recon 5.

All 3 accounts have cyno 5, JDC 5.

Between the main 2, I have (and own): Apostle (Ship 5), Revelation (T2 Guns & Siege + Ship 5), Nyx (Ship + Fighters + Heavy Fighters all 5), Thanatos (see NYX), 2 x Archon (Ship 5’s).

What I Need: Is an ACTIVE AUTZ PVP playerbase, stretching into WAUTZ with good comms. I don’t go to bed at downtime, and typing is over-rated.

What I WANT! Is an ACTIVE group with semi mature comms who will fight outnumbered, think for themselves, come up with cool new ways of blowing ■■■■ up, and ideally has a high Minimum SP requirement, so there’s less spies and we don’t need to explain why somebody cant bring their drake on the Blops fleet… It also helps if you’re not all dicks.
A low/nullsec keepstar is also a plus.

I will not mine for you.
I don’t care about your Ishtars, or how much Isk you’re making, or how much internet space you own.

If your tax rate is above 80%, THATS A PLUS.

If there are less than 20 heartbeats in your corp, you’re based in highsec, you’re a Goon affiliate, or If you’re a US/EU/CN/RUS TZ corp with a few Aussie members… I AM NOT INTERESTED.

I’ll consider almost anything else.

The only reason I am relocating is for content and having more people around in my TZ. I have not had a massive falling out with my current group. I’m just bored.

Feel free to mail me in game. That icon has to be useful for something.

Following for au interest

to be onest i dont care about ure Nyx Apostle or anny of ure skill points as long as you are not a Ahole ure then more then welcome

its up to you

Your application is rejected… … … …
Your TZ… … … I hope you speak Russian or Chinese.

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