[AUTZ] Siege green now recruiting!

Alliance Siege green now recruiting new corporation members!

Time zone
AU/ early EU based. but All time zones are welcome

Mainly english(even we are japan/korea merged alliance)

My alliance is located on the southern region of faction warfare space and fought countless battles against other alliance such as Dead Terrorist, Did he say jump, Shadow cartel, No handlebars, Snuffed out, etc.

Over the course of these battles, my alliance gained considerable capital forces and incomes to support our expenditures. As so we gained a foothold of regions surrounding our home. My alliance is primarily AUTZ/ Early EUTZ based alliance but regardless of time zone if there is content to be had then we are always up for it.

You are receiving this mail because we want you to consider joining us! We can provide Contents on AU/EU times during the week but on the weekends then all time zone is our time zone. Besides that, we also provide top class logistics for our members, SRP for Doctrine ships and experienced FC mad on creating content. What we ask in return is willingness to join CTA Fleets , attitude to learn from mistakes , and last but not least buying doctrine designed ships for fleets.

My alliance is currently staged in Siseide system, providing structures/services for my members. However, we don’t force our members. So if you wish to stay/live in system you are currently in, then that’s perfectly ok for us, as long as you have the doctrines ready in Siseide and join fleet when its required. My members live all over new eden, some in null-sec and others in different region of low-sec (some even live in high sec).

And one more thing, We are proud member of Winter Coalition, so you can use Winter co service if you do your job as our part.

We persue and value freedom as number one aspect. That our goal we fought over and over for years, trying to achieve that goal against many other alliances that tried to stop us. We started with nothing but passion and now we have grown to make our stand in the region. And I wish you to join and help us do so.

If interested, please contact Errestrian in-game.
Or join our In game channel for siege green - SGGRN PUB

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still recruiting!