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can confirm best AUTZ WH group in eve




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Hi, I’ve recently returned to the game after several years and I’m looking for a home. 73m SP with good scanning skills, can fly all T3Cs with full subsystem skills except the Loki, can technically fly a Kronos but Marauders is only at 1 so that’s not a good idea yet.
I’ve played a few weeks here and there but the last time I played for a significant stretch of time was way back in 2013 so I’m still in the process of getting familiar with the game again.


Ultra Bump!

Hello, I am a newer player in Australian desperately looking for a WH corp with friendly/funny adults to play with. I see you arent recruiting til the 14th of next month, but I simply can’t wait that long, is there someone I can talk to?

Hello, returning player interested in WH space, willing to learn, 56m sp, t3 legion and tengu, can fly kronos. Would love to fly with fellow aussies. Let me know.

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