C2 WH with C3 and HS static corp looking for AUTZ players - NOW ALSO LOOKING FOR US WEST COAST

Doing things bit different now!

Looking for 1 or 2 newer AUTZ players whom play semi regularly around and anywhere between 7pm-12am Australian Eastern Standard Time whom would like bit more hands on introduction to the game. I’m an AUTZ player active most nights around above mentioned times and I’m looking to recruit and spend some “1 on 1” time so the players can learn about WH space. Will assist with C3 ratting, exploration, gas huffing, pathfinder use, general WH living etc. As a corporation we offer access to wealth of knowledge and support through our long term veterans. We often do ship handouts to introduce players to PVP but thanks to static C3 there’s heaps of ISK making opportunities to get you flying in your own ships. With the SRP program, PVP is essentially ISK RISK FREE! (terms and conditions may apply).

Please see below advertisement for DKVC. Recruitment is open to returning veterans as well as newbros!

Dark Venture Corporation is a global wormhole corporation currently looking for players active in AU time zone - 0800 and 1300 Eve time.

If you’re a new or returning player whom would like to explore uncharted wormhole space, experience exciting wormhole PVP or simply looking for a laid back and relaxed corporation, you will feel right at home with DKVC.

About DKVC:

Multi regional. We’ve got highly active EU and US time zone with growing AUTZ which we’re looking to expand even further.

C2 wormhole space with a C3 and HS static holes. Jita is just around the corner and great ISK making opportunities a jump away.

Focused on guiding newer players but deep down inside we’re all PVP driven.

Teamspeak3 and Discord for in and out of the game communication.

Pathfinder WH mapping.

Laid back and mature members - we understand real life comes first!

We don’t have any blues - we shoot and get shot by everyone!

Alpha to Omega plan! We offer opportunities and guidance to plex your account.

Access to manufacturing stations.

Growing WH market.

Requirements to join DKVC:

Activity on team speak and in game

Positive attitude

Please join Banjo Fight Club chat room in game client to find out more or talk to one of our recruiters.

AUTZ bump!

Do you sometimes log in… surrounded by the emptiness… all your “corpmates” are either hibernating or clacking for that real life ISK. Your biggest achievement was extra 2 ship spins a minute? Do you wish you could just… undock?


Come check us out at DKVC where we have active players across multiple time zones!

Play early AUTZ? No worries! All the EU guys are still grinding.

Hey how about midday AUTZ? When EU boys are asleep? Fear not! US dudes are up and about!

But Carnalio… what about prime AUTZ?

We don’t talk about AUTZ… Because everyone knows AUTZ#1!!!

Feel like tackling Golem in 8 thrashers? DONE: Battle report generating... | zKillboard

Feel like hunting Goons (we all know dead goon is a good goon) DONE (NO BR sad face)

Feel like podding expensive pods? Done and DONE: Battle Report Tool

Stealing ESS cash? Easy

Harras NS bots - almost daily

Huff that sweet sweet gas? You know it!

Yell POP POP POP POP as you shooting your 220mm at the enemy? OF COURSE (but quietly as CEO gets grumpy)

See you in game! (please be AUTZ :frowning: )

So lonely in AUTZ :frowning:

le bump

Bump! Boss said to open recruitment for US West Coast newbros and veterans. AUTZ is growing well with 4 new players joining in the last few days!

Bump! Boss gave me recruitment rights! LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOO

Been having so much FUN in AUTZ i forgot to BUMP!

late bump!

post DT bump

Prime AUTZ here boys!
Lag? check
Server down in prime play time? Check
Lockdown in Melbourne? Check

All happening in AUTZ so come and hang out with us in DKVC! Join Banjo Fight Club in game channel for more information (when the game is up - eventually)

REEEEEEEE forgot to bump

all over the DT bump today! We’ve really increased our AUTZ and it’s still growing so come and enjoy some WH content!

Bumping for my fellow Victorians being stuck at home due to lockdown. No better time to dust off that eve account and come and chill, talk about craft beers, lattes, play skribbl IO and just generally enjoy good company. Oh and sometimes we play EVE. Offer extended to non Victorians and US WEST coast as well :slight_smile:

still recruiting! good thing about WH corp is we don’t tether!

all about that bump!

AUTZ Bump - could use few more pilots in AUTZ!

You thought I forgot to bump! (I did - was watching Loki last night)

another one bumps the dust

There’s no brakes on the recruitment train - CHOOO CHOOO all aboard!