Dark Venture Corporation - C2 - C3 and HS static looking for Players around the Globe! Newbro friendly corp!

Dark Venture Corporation is a global wormhole corporation looking for active players, particularly in AU and West Coast time zone - 0700 and 1400 Eve time. We have very active player participation and organise regular OPs. Players also form their own roams on a daily basis!

If you’re a new or returning player who would like to explore uncharted wormhole space, experience exciting wormhole PVP or simply look for a laid-back and relaxed corporation, you will feel right at home with DKVC.

About DKVC:

-Multi-regional. We’ve got highly active EU and US time zone with growing AUTZ which we’re looking to expand even further.

-C2 wormhole space with a C3 and HS static holes. Jita is just around the corner and great ISK making opportunities a jump away.

-Active in guiding newer players but deep down inside we’re all PVP driven.

-Mumble and Discord for in and out-of-the-game communication.

-Pathfinder WH mapping. Actively Scanned and scouted chains.

-Laid back and mature members - we understand real life comes first!

-We don’t have any blues - we shoot and get shot by everyone!

-Unique culture, pilots are trained to become the master of their own ships, and manual piloting and different fighting techniques are taught and actively practised!

-Alpha to Omega plan! We offer opportunities and guidance to plex your account.

-Access to manufacturing stations.

-Growing WH market.

Requirements to join DKVC:

-Activity on Mumble and in-game

-Positive attitude

-Please join Banjo Fight Club channel IN-GAME to find out more or talk to one of our recruiters.

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