Dark Venture - C2 WH Corp recruiting EU/US/NZ/AU

Dark Venture is a wormhole corporation designed to show newer players how to utilize wormholes to explore all areas of EVE and gain access to resources from all corners of the EVE universe.

-New Pilot Friendly
-Alpha Friendly
-Alpha to Omega Plan
-Resource Exploitation Opportunities (Moon mining, gas harvesting in higher end wh’s in the chain, etc)
-PvP Training

Strong coverage across all time zones including NZ/AU.
Regular fleet PVE
DVC provides opportunities for all levels of wormhole life: from incredible isk opportunities to intense combat action.
Take part in all that wormholes have to offer.
Join our in game public channel Banjo Fight Club or feel free to contact me in game

Would love a few more Kiwi’s and Aussie’s to join.

Best comminity in new eden !

Still recruiting so don’t be shy come say high in our pub chat.

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