Dark venture Corporation is recruiting [wormhole] [pvp] [newbie friendly]

Dark Venture is a wormhole corporation designed to show newer players how to utilize wormholes to explore all areas of EVE and gain access to resources from all corners of the EVE universe. join our awesome big community.

-New Pilot Friendly
-Alpha Friendly
-Alpha to Omega Plan
-Resource Exploitation Opportunities
-PvP Training
-Daily pvp

DVC provides opportunities for all levels of wormhole life: from incredible isk opportunities to intense combat action. Take part in all that wormholes have to offer. join to Banjo fight club in game channel for more info

Hope y’all do well! Wormhole space needs more newbie groups.


@SKALE_Organa Hi buddy! Do you have a discord channel? Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi looking for a home …played along time ago lost account , which i can explain later but started 2 new toons over last few months …hoping too find a home …im steve from uk manchester aged 43 .

sry for late response. join Banjo fight club for chat :slight_smile:

still recruiting. need more pvpers ! :drooling_face:

bumb ;3

still recruiting

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