Avalanche. [SL1DE] Nullsec PvP Corporation looking for pilots

Avalanche. is recruiting!

You may know us from our very amazing Alliance Tournament (RIP) Ad

We are a EU/US TZ PVP corporation currently in Fraternity staged in the Detorid region. We are a very laid back and social group looking to expand our playerbase. As a corp we look to be a step above the rest, and we are looking for pilots who are ready to take the next step. Our pilots are encouraged to take on tougher challenges in eve like FCing, flying specialist ships in fleet, multiboxing, and just all around being good boys.

What does this look like?

What do we offer?

  • Small gang PvP
  • Blops drops
  • Large fleet action
  • Isk making opportunities in our space
  • Capital and Super subsidies
  • Alliance SRP

What do we require?

  • Able to speak english
  • 1k kills
  • Capital alt
  • Ability to engage or disengage brain to fit the situation

If you are up for the challenge, join us in “Ski Resort” ingame.

Still recruiting. Still having fun. If you want a free vouch evemail Rusrog with your favorite Gen1 Pokemon.

Did I mention that the corp provides free sabres for you to feed?

Corp is still looking for a few good boys who want to have fun. We have plenty of targets to shoot!

A short video of some of the content we have been getting up to since the blackout was made by one of our members. There are plenty of great fights to be had, join in on the fun.

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