Avalon Warden Ascension Ceremony // May 14


Following the election of Thaddeus Reynolds as the Warden of Avalon, I have begun work on the establishment of a transitionary government to make the post of Warden ready for smooth transition back to democracy and to set the stage for a restructuring of the Round Table Assembly and the independent warclone community at large.

The first big step, as well as an important point of ceremony for our people, is the recognition and celebration of “Dust Day” among warclones. Since the end of the War of Planetary Conquest May 14th has stood as a sort of unofficial holiday adopted by our people to celebrate the achievements of the warclone community in New Eden. I could think of no better day to celebrate the official restoration of democracy within the warclones of Avalon and our success in establishing our own foothold in Skarkon.

Anyway, I’d like to take the time to extend my personal invitation to the summit to join us in Skarkon on May 14th to celebrate the ascension of our new Warden and to victories of the greater warclone community. Festivities will include a grand feast, fireworks, tourinments, and a military parade of our capital ship battlefleet in Skarkon alongside our allies in honor of our victories and in memory of those lost.

All are welcome to participate, including our historic adversaries in a temporary armistice for a chance to break bread and show of mutual respect for one another.


Brief aside, as the situation seems to call for it; we are aware of renewed attacks by the Skarkon Tribal Resistance Army on warclone holdings and territories on Skarkon II.

I unambiguously condemn the continued aggression, and personally take this as yet more evidence that Kril Efrit’s resistance army has nothing to do with the defense and evacuation of civilian populations on Skarkon. I’m utterly unconvinced that their efforts even pose real possibility of “freeing” Skarkon from Triglavian occupation either given the logistical challenges EDENCOM forces as a whole face in Pochven. Kril Efrit’s Skarkon Tribal Resistance Army, more than anything else, is a propaganda tool that I anticipate will continue to be used to obstruct and destabilize the planet perhaps indefinitely until some sort of solution is found.

Without putting words in anyone’s mouth, there’s a certain argument and philosophy among some Matari loyalists that the warclones of the Bosena Accords are just another warlord gang on Skarkon but just like any gang we can be reasoned with and negotiated with to find pragmatic solutions to the humanitarian crisis on Skarkon. I’m very much inclined to agree to the latter half of that statement, and able to recognize when pragmatic politics and the reality on the ground should take precedence over any lofty ambitions or historic grudges.

All of this is to say, we’re willing to tolerate a certain amount of skirmishing and conflict between both sides so long as we avoid strategic escalation. We have reasonable suspicion that they continue to operate from their GULLTOPPR-class submarine fleet and submarine hunting equipment isn’t exactly cheap or something warclone units carry standard. We aren’t on Svarog payroll, and there’s no long term advantage to spending materials we don’t even have hunting Kril Efrit every time a scud missile takes a pot shot at us.

I would be a very very bad idea however, to act like this just isn’t happen or to escalate things further so I would continue to implore our historic adversaries, yes including you @Kril_Efrit you big dumb bastard, to put down the guns for the day and break bread with us on May 14th.

It’s a shot in the dark, where many many other shots like this haven’t landed but I’ll take it. What’s the worst that could happen? The sun going black again?


Due to the ongoing conflict in Skarkon between Stribog commanders and ARC-affiliated pilots we have opted to cancel the parade to place our capital fleet off-grid on standby. We don’t wish to inadvertently escalate the conflict, and will instead be limiting our scope to the area immediately around the Skarkon II Orbital Dockyard and the customs office. We will continue to enforce neutrality as per our agreements reached with capsuleers leading humanitarian missions on Skarkon. The invitation to participate in festivities still stands, and we are committed to maintaining an armistice regardless of the situation unless the neutrality and safety of our infrastructure or those under our ward is threatened.

Festivities will commence in approximate twelve hours, at 1900 EVE.


The festivities are well underway, a bar on Concourse 13-A has been temporarily taken over by myself, holoreels are queued up, and many drinks are ready and on hand, I’ve also brought some entertainment specialists along to assist in the fun~.

There’s also apprently a 5 Finger Fillet competition going on on the Lido Deck for the masochists.


The Bosena Accords is now officially accepting donations of electrolyte beverages and wet socks.

Thank you to everyone who joined us. Congratulations to our new Warden, and happy Dust Day one and all.


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