Avatar pilot price check

Hi, can I get a price check on a 20m SP Avatar pilot. Pilot has only skills that count towards the specific ship and associated mods. T2 guns and Titan lvl4. Thanks in advance

(30 x (injector price - extractor price) + 3.5B for the remaining character) * 0.9 to allow profit and for effort

(30 x (820,000,000 - 380,000,000) + 3.5B) * 0.9

(13.2B + 3.5B) * 0.9

15 Billion approximately

Thanks for the reply, can you elaborate on the calculations?

47 extractors would hit the current amount of sp and skill book cost are billions on top of that, so at a base line would the price not reflect that?

47 x 800,000,000 + skill book cost = price

My calculation based on your calculation factors in a lower price for the extractors needed to buy, it also factors in the actual amount of SP you get below the 5m sp and then above it to reach just below the 20m sp total.

Before I even factor in the skill book cost I’m at almost 40b isk and that’s with a discount of around 1b on the actual market price of what you can buy extractors for.

So, if you could explain that would be grand. Thanks

20 million SP = 15 million extractable

Each extractor removes 500K SP = 30 extractors

At least based off the information in the OP, that the current SP is 20 million.

The 3.5B for the remaining character factors in the value of a 5Mill SP character with a number of books already injected.

47 extractors would imply the character has 28.5 Million SP, not 20 Million.

No one (sane) is going to pay 40B for a 20M SP character.

Even if someone desperately wanted an Avatar pilot, it won’t be near 40B.

I follow that thought process, but if you wanted to inject, just buy them. Nobody buys a character to take the SP out, you lose to much.

They come out at 500k each, but don’t go back it at that, not past the first 5m sp in any case.

So the real value is in having your titan on an account with other characters and it’s not just a holder either.

If you wanted to do that, that’s the 47 injectors and skill book cost. Thus the 40b + skill book price.

I mean, you could pay 80 or 100b for a titan pilot that does the same thing?? Or just pay less for it’s intended purpose?

What? Yes they do.

However, that is still the best way to estimate a minimum price. Anything on top of that is based more of the willingness/need of potential buyers and how much that stretches their budget.

If you put it on the market you’ll see what the real value is.

I’d suggest searching for similar sales and seeing what the final price was. You are looking at the need for someone to recreate a character that can do little more than sit in a Titan (certainly not fly one), so other than bridging, it’s going to take a long time to plug holes.

I am looking at this from the point that it is a SP well to make a profit off.

Putting it on the market is the only way you’ll know. If someone wants an Avatar pilot you’ll get more than 15 Billion, but you won’t get 40 Billion in a month of Sundays.

Here are some recent examples:

27M Thanatos Pilot for 25B
20M SP with a 13B Buyout
WTB 20M SP Pilot with a 16B budget
20M Ark Pilot sold for 20B

Like I get it, you look like you trade in this all day, from what I can see.

Look to have your alt bidding on Dorian in one thread over (nice names btw, kinda reminds me of gladiator?) But that guy obviously has patience and ain’t going to let that toon go for less that 60b isk.

I appreciate you taking the time to talk to me, but like you say, if someone wants a titan pilot they are going to look at the cheapest way of getting it. Buying injectors or a character priced lower than that is that way.

Now if the injectors on starting your own toon for that purpose cost in excess of 40b isk alone, then why wouldn’t you save a few bill and buy the toon that is already done? Savings Could pay for the HG slaves?

I just don’t see it being anywhere near 15b, I think, without the books, it’s closer to 30b.

But like you say, it’s about what ppl are willing to pay

No. I don’t trade in characters anymore, but even if I did, I don’t know you from a bar of soap and have no reason to give you an inaccurate estimate. You asked for a price check and you got one. Now you’re all butthurt because you don’t like the price.

I even just went and searched for similar SP pilots and linked the threads above.

Whether you want be believe the price I checked is realistic or not is no water off my back. I just regret even trying to help now.

Here’s an Avatar Pilot with 35 Million SP at a 35B Price and 45B Buyout.

Your’s has only just over half that SP and you want the same price.

Wow chill out, hostile or what? Because I called you out on your alt?

I’m pretty sure in the last post I paid you a complement and also thanked you for the help!?

So no need to get so aggresive.

There was a nyx pilot for 97m sp that wants a 120b buy out. Working off 500m isk for each injector bedded, it would come to 125b.

Made me think, 47 injectors needed @ 500m would be on the money for what it’s probably worth.

No, you imagined something that isn’t real and now you are acting like you know it is a fact when I’ve already said I don’t trade in characters any longer (haven’t for a couple of years).

Here is an Avatar Pilot sold for 38B ISK with 35Million SP.

You have just over half the SP and want more ISK.

That is living in a dream land.

Now that is an awesome find, that’s almost exactly what I’d want, not the mild cross training in min/gal though.

Honestly, big help.

I didn’t say I had a character, I asked for a price check, more of a theoretical. I wanted to gauge what it would cost to buy, vs what it would cost to make.

So you have been a huge help.

Ps. It’s not your alt :wink:, it’s mine

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