Wtb all pilot


(Back up) #1

characters (must have 1 remap):
0.5 mil sp (after 5m sp) = 0.4b isk
sample calculated:
-> 11 mil sp - 5 = 6*0.8=4.8bil isk
-> 86.5 mil sp - 5 mil sp =81.5*0.8= 65.2b isk

20 mil sp—> 11.5b
30 mil sp —> 19.5b
40 mil sp —> 26.5b
50 mil sp—> 35.5b
60mil sp —> 41.5b
70 mil sp —> 50.5b
80 mil sp—> 58.5b
90 mil sp—> 67.5b
100 mil sp—> 80.5b
120 mil sp—> 91.5b
150 mil sp—> 115.5b
Send me an eve-mail with your eveboard if you are interested.

if you don’t understand how it works - just write how much your character have SP - and I will write the price

(Inactive Seller) #2

You must clarify your purchase prices.

(Back up) #3

just write how much SP character have. I will write the price

(Inactive Seller) #4

GGod luck. You modify your text and now is more confuse.

Then you assume the first 5.5 are one injector price ?

If yes, you are basically purchasing injector price and wanting people sell under transfer cost.

Good luck.

(Natsuki Tendo) #5

I don’t how you’re working your math…



(Inactive Seller) #6

If i understand his rules, he go to offer you between 37 and 38. By the way i think your maxx value is 40. goog luck

(Back up) #7

37.5b best i can

(Inactive Seller) #8

Finally I understand your formula =) I purchase that character as 42b, worth 40 but was good deal.

(Victoria Rosa) #9


How much??

(RareExportsAdmin) #10

do you want to buy this for 36b? WTS 54M SP NYX / Thanny pilot JDC V ***SOLD***

(Back up) #11

63b best prise

(Back up) #12

yes go deal 39,2b

(system) #13

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