Average Astronauts - Sov null from scratch

Tired of the blocks?
Want to become the start of something big?
Well your in the right place!

Average Astronauts is a newer corp that has captured some sov in null, without all the big alliance and bloc BS. We are basically on hard mode here starting from scratch, so if you are looking to be a part of something and make a difference please contact me!

We focus on ratting and mining, but we are also looking to get into some structure bashing and WH day trips. We also do PvP as that is a must for null. We are open to all types of players though!

If any of this interests you feel free to mail me in game or hop on our discord server!

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Still Recruiting! Need people for leadership positions, and just players in general!

We are currently capturing sov! Get in on the action now!

Recruitment is still open!

We are looking for people to help! Recruitment is open!

Recruitment is Open!

Still recruiting!

Looking for a corp? I got you!

I can log in again! Still recruiting!

NIC !!

what area which region


Recruitment is still open!

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