Average Astronauts is looking for all types of players!

Average Astronauts is a new corp that is currently situated in low sec with ambitions to carve out some of null-sec. We are part of the alliance called Hardly Competent. We are a group of people that like to watch real life space ships while playing internet spaceships.

What we offer:

  • A low sec home with all sorts of structures
  • Near null
  • Gas sites
  • PvP roams and camps
  • Corp blueprint collection
  • Buyback program (WIP)
  • Discord for voice and chat
  • Much more to come

What we are looking for:

  • Active pilots so we can run PvP fleets
  • FC’s
  • Miners
  • Industrialists
  • PvE and PvPers
  • New bros

If you are interested please contact Nic Trib in game or hop on discord and say hi.

Still Recruiting, especially looking for experienced players

We are still looking for people of all types new or old!

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