Average Astronauts is recruiting! Everyone is welcome!

Average Astronauts is a low sec USTZ corp with null sec aspirations and we are looking for people to come an join us. We do industry, mining, and abyssals with a little PvP. We also have a corp blueprint collection for people to use for free and a corp buyback program. We are part of Hardly Competent which provides lots of mining and PvP opportunities, and jus a good group to hang out with. We are a good group of people and would love to have more people to play with!

Check out our poster! - https://imgur.com/a/Cp0ZnuW

What we offer:

  • Corp blueprints
  • Ice and moon mining
  • Mining fleets
  • Corp Buyback
  • PvP roams
  • Discord

If you are interested in joining feel free to eve mail Nic Trib in game or hop on the discord and say hi!

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Recruitment is still open!

Looking for a corp? We got you!

Come and join the fun!

Recruitment is open! All players are welcome!

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