Strangers of the Cosmos is Recruiting

Strangers of the Cosmos is a 0.0 Corp, who is currently looking for active PvPers, Ratters, and Miners.

What we Have to offer as a Corp:

  • 3% corp Tax Rate
  • Corp Paid Mining ops for Miners
  • Access to 0.0
  • Premium isk ratting space
  • Alliance and Coalition Fleet pvp
  • Get paid for Kill-mails you produce and offer to the CEO
  • SRP up to certain ships
  • Capital ship OPS >:D
  • Mostly USTZ but looking for an EUTZ based players

What We require from you:

  • Omega Account with at least 15 million Skill Points
  • Operational Mic
  • Ability to download Teamspeak, Mumble, and Discord
  • Activity(although we do understand RL first)
  • Full API

We are a multi-skill, Jack of all trade skill, 0.0 Corp. We are laid back yet we are also a bit ambitious in our 0.0 wants and needs. We also understand eve is a player driven game. So You can make a difference no matter how small or how big. So If you are ever interested in joining us.

Drop by our ingame channel “STOTC Recruitment” without the " or shoot “JTClone Ares” an ingame mail asking for more information or ask for an interview.

Daily bump

Daily Bump, and still looking for new pilots

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