Average Market Price

How often is average market price updated?

I’ve read previously market outliers are excluded from market average, how does CCP do this and is it manual or automated?

I don’t know how they do it, but what they consider “outliers” seems to be completely broken. There are hundreds of items where, if you looked at the price history, you would think the item never sells for the sell price. When in fact it sells robustly at that price.

The “Market history” tab is almost completely useless because of that. I only use it to calculate average daily volume for items.

It takes the average for about a week or so, if i remember correctly. So items where prices widely fluctuate, will always be off by a lot. Its also why Deadspace modules are completely off this week, because of the number being lost to Abyssal deadspace and the number of people buying them.

It seems to be more than once per day, so I take it that it is twice per day.

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