0 PLEX transactions 2020-01-23

Is this a client-side glitch? Server-side bug? Temporary?

It happens sometimes , but it would be corrected during the day ( automatically through script or manually by CCP ) .
It seems they like more their data than us :slight_smile:

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CCP often edit market history and/or have scripts which delete outliers. For what ever reason it seems they’ve removed a whole market day here.

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Seems to happen pretty much every day for most items in the Pilot’s Services section of the market. Never noticed it before, but then I just began trading SP recently.

CCP use to correct the data day by day , for example they get ride of the extreme data and the funnier one
example few days ago someone bought one plex for 10B .
The data are heavily corrected …
Strangely, the regional price too often do not represent the real price .
To grasp a market product, you have to follow it during a long time > 3month ,
otherwise you won’t be able to anticipate its move .
The behaviour of the price during the day is not reflected by the daily data.
It’s like the sea, several high tides during the day ( morning , afternoon, when traders fight …)

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