Is CCP trading in the market?

i saw this today and i am aksing me, why is ccp trading on the market? or how to understand this?


You’d be better off just asking @Ethan02 who is the creator of said tool you are referencing.



PS: True, I added the “CCP” in order to differentiate from the A4E captured data.
Note to self: Update help screenshot.

Yes, CCP can put PLEX on the market, for various reasons, however to my knowledge I’ve not heard of them ever doing that.

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CCP DrEyjo once spoke about some actions they took on the PLEX market in a Fanfest talk I believe, but never specified exactly what they did.

I think it was in this one:

It has happened, it’s called an intervention (add/remove/alter). From what I understood CCP does not like doing it, is very careful when doing it, and will do a lot to avoid doing it - for obvious reasons. If/when CCP does it, it is their prerogative, and it is not subject to review, so to speak. So the gist of it is that players aren’t to know.

With all of the 50% off sales they’ve been having, they no longer need to directly intervene in the PLEX market. Never should have in the first place.

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If you’re getting it from ESI, a better way to tag it would probably be ESI Historic Volume or some such.

Look at the 1/4 CCP and yearly profit publications. Some have extrapolated CCP spending and borrowing from the Plex markets.

@Ethan02 i have a second question…
why your chart show other quantity of traded volume as ingame? i mean it show that only 5 orcas were sold to buy and 3 buy sell order, but the trade volume is much more.

Tradevolume = filled buy orders + filled sell orders right?

Who has done that, and where can we read it?


These numbers are a unique feature from From CCPs API and also ingame you only get the total amount traded, not split into how much went into buy and how much into sell orders. You can try to extrapolate this from the avg. price provided by CCP, but that’s rather a guess then.

A4E compares the order book of the top 30 trade hubs every 10 minutes and records the changes. Thus if the offered volume of a market order decreased, then obviously a trade against it took place.

This of course is also inaccurate, since orders may be created and filled within the 10 minute timespan. Furthermore the numbers shown in your referenced chart don’t take “disappeared” orders into account, since there is no way to know if those have been filled or the player canceled it. Thus they will never add up to the total trade number shown ingame or via CCPs API.

However dependent on the trade frequency of the item these numbers give a good indication how much of the total trade number provided by CCP is flowing into buy or sell orders.

A history of those values can be found here:

Good suggestion, thanks. Changed that and also reworked the help screenshot. Hopefully this is now clearly explained.

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