PLEX price manipulation

Anybody also notice the volatility in the PLEX price recently? Went from 3.3mil a pop down to 2.8mil and now it’s above 3.1mil and continue to climb back up. Almost seems like a price manipulation by those who have deep deep deep pocket.

That’s normal, there is a promotion through the eden store .
It is “as if” the plex took 25% more value .

It is so imperative to be omega, to have the immeasurable pleasure to get the fantastic new skins :smiley:

It is quite impossible to manipulate the plex, except if you have 4-5T …

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What’s the promotion in the Eden Store involving PLEX?

Oh, some people do have 4-5T (or even more). Take for example, the IChooseU dude.

25% less plex for a monthly subscription .

When you have that many T, you have to be cautious about your action,
won’t be the first time someone manipulating the plex will be “banned” .
Some manipulation can be considered not legal.

oh, holy sh!t i didn’t notice that!!!

There is a 15% discount on Omega time purchased with PLEX in the NES. This is a fairly regular offering (last time was around Christmas). Trick is to buy PLEX when it is cheap so you already have it when the Omega time goes on sale!

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Yee not 25% , my mistake …
I did it already in christmas , for 2 years … so I 'm good
But time to sell some s##t :smiley:

It didn’t go on sale last Christmas. It was a while ago since CCP last did Omega discount in the NES. It’s hard to speculate when they’ll have this kind of discount and buy PLEX before it. all speculation… almost like buying call/put options for a stock in the real world stock market :slight_smile:

CCP used to offer 25% discount on a 1 year subscription occasionally ($99US) but I haven’t seen that for several years.


I remember some amazone plex two years ago at 5$ ( converted 500 plex at 5$) .
Old time … some would say back int the old days, 500 plex were worth 200M isk :smiley:

It is wise from CCP to make that offer while the plex is “low”.

It did go on sale at Christmas - I extended 4 accounts for 6 months at that time. Took a while to find the wallet transaction but I bought 10200 PLEX on Christmas day.

People with this kind of ISK don’t care to engage in petty market manipulation (ESPECIALLY in trading stations that they do not control) since their focus is on higher level matters. They’ve got decades worth of PLEX already stockpiled on top of their liquid.

On the contrary , what would be the biggest thing you can do in Eve .

I like Eve uniquely due to those special actions that completely degenerate in an absolute defeat ( trigerring beautifull wars with strange name BR5 etc…) or a insurmontable loss ( someone leave a corp while robbing the wallet) etc …

The challenge of collapsing a market, never done before, is worth every isk you can put on .
But I don’t think 4-5T would be enough.
This is worth mentionning in your CV :smiley:

Big players don’t manipulate the market, they control it.

Yes you’re are right, CCP controls it :smiley:
They are the biggest player, no one else .

…yeah? I’m not sure what you’re trying to imply or suggest here.

If you’re talking about the actual game platform itself, upon which the market is built, then yes, CCP controls it. They can influence the price of plex by having sales or promotions. But they’re not going to personally enter into the game and directly manipulate the price outside of extreme circumstances.

Rad the AR of the fan-fest 2014 (if I remember correctly)
One member of the CCP staff ( the economist ) exactly said that they intervene on the plex market .

This is not some conspirationist bull####, listen to them and you might learn something.
There were no extrem circonstances , this was like a daily routine
With the frozen asset and plex from banned account, they mitigate the plex price.

I can’t tell you that they are still doing it, but I won’t be surprised if they do.

Yeah, I literally said that:

You are playing with the word “extreme” , the circumstances were simple .
The economist in question was fighting the increase trend , not for a week , a month but day to day.

The plex price was controlled back then not under extreme circomnstances but during a long period , that was normal circomstance.

I was suprised during the 2018 year , the plex price was on long period staying at 3.2M as if something maintain it to a certain price range… I can’t point the reason to anyone .
another ewample till the mast time where the plex was skyrocketting ( almost 5M) something like more than a year ago, the plex behave strangely .
We dont see the usual saisonality , we can’t use the old data to forecast anything .
Any new year now, the plex behave like a new product .

I am not going to bother to give ytou all the details I accumulate on it ,
but the plex is definitly not an item, driven simply by the market (the players).

Yeah, whatever kid.