PLEX is still high

I’m seeing the PLEX has raised and dropped repeatedly in an unusual way, which makes it seems to be controlled by some big brothers. I think CCP should ‘print’ more PLEX and place them on market, selling as a normal player, which can make the price of PLEX controllable.

It’s just like the real life, if the currency price is too high, the gov can lower it by printing more of the currency. It’s just a supply-and-demand problem.

Too high price for PLEX, people are leaving nullsec to seek new life in highsec, then going AFK for long period. Please think about it.

It’s not.

I think Plex should have been banned long ago unfortunately it makes them rich so they keep it.

Any game which relies on in-game shopping is sheet.


Right now we are in step 2 waiting for step 3. However, it’s been so long that some are now forgoing the grind to PLEX their accounts and dropping to Alpha. This means that when step 3 occurs we likely won’t see a massive price drop as there is a backlog of accounts to PLEX.


Except that EvE isn’t real life. PLEX isn’t a currency regulated by some central bank, it’s a product sold by CCP for real life cash and bought/sold by players for in-game features (or for ISK).

I have little doubt that PLEX prices are constantly manipulated behind the scenes…but that’s all part of the game. Market PvP is still PvP.


CCP does that when they see the need to control the price, but instead of “printing” they use PLEX pile from banned accounts. That way they dont lose money as those plexes were still paid for. If they dont intervene - then everything is fine.


The economist who worked at CCP did that years ago .Since he left CCP decided to make capital farm machines to bolster subs and sell the company at the expense of the ingame economy.

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This isn’t real life PLEX is the way it is cuz of the higher supply of isk. Also ■■■■ the krabs I don’t care if they quit I don’t care if half the game population quits

Don’t forget that somewhere between those steps, people that pay for their accounts with plex only will get tossed to the wind. I wonder how much of a threat that really is, as all it seems to do is curb account spam.

Looks like for it’s 16 year anniversary, the game is facing a lot of new challenges, that if not dealt with diligently (by CCP) will throw the next few years in a precarious state.

There’s a stagnation in the number of New sub-players (those who pay to play) + a rise in the number of alpha (who play for free) + a slow decline in the pcu (at this time of the year, maybe) + bad recent press (people negatively inclined to re-sub) + the recent hammer-drop on numerous alliances vs botting (bad for CCP’s business). Coupled with all this, there’s a war is coming - this may increase sub-players for a while, but we never know how both sides of the fence will react to the final outcome.

So hopefully (for you) CCP will offer discounts on Plex prices again, or as @Ms Steak said, use the ones from banned (or bot) accounts, to regulate the prices.

But if you really enjoy your Eve career, I always advise my new bros to have alts in highsec, wormholes, etc. (wherever there’s ISK to be made) that contribute to your main toon’s pvp goals.

Or better yet, just buy plex from CCP’s website.

Correct the cycle between 2 and 3 has been so long that people are dropping to alpha. The price was further driven up by the 2 giveaways that were bonused for Omegas as well as the skillpoint injector without penalty.

I’d guess the reasoning behind that and current ccp strategy is to drive the isk price of plex up, so that the apeal to buy them gets higher. I mean, if the trend continues and there are no plex sales, players will eventualy reach the conclusion that the $ to isk ratio of plexes is better than ever before, even during sales. And that by all calculations should drive players to spend more money on ccp.

Yes that’s the point, high PLEX price will bring real to CCP, but at the same time, CCP is losing active players. My points is, CCP should 'control' the price of PLEX to a balance for active players and acceptable income.

As for now, 4.4m for one PLEX is too high, especially the nullsec bounty price dropped to nearly half to before (for caps). Those players getting an un-balanced income and risk in nullsec.

That’s why I say CCP should control the price of PLEX, try to get a BALANCE between active players and acceptable $ income.

When PLEX is gona be 10mil pu then we’ll have reason to say ''CCP please think of the players ‘’

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Strongly disagree. The more expensive PLEX gets the better. I have lots of real-life cash and less free time, if PLEX doubled in price I would suddenly get twice as much ISK per dollar if I don’t feel like grinding PvE to get it.


As a player that has made most of his isk on trading plex i can assure you ccp only interferes too lower it’s price. it’s players even richer than myself that manipulate it to go way up.

But if you really want someone to be upset with then look to null sec raters and particularly the bots. Those are whay cause the worst inflation


When I mentioned PLEX price manipulation I wasn’t even thinking of CCP, just the richer players you mentioned. I think we’re on the same page here.

And yes, having a massive amount of ISK in the economy drives up prices across the board and doesn’t really help anyone…except those with massive amounts of ISK. :confused:

then ccp shouldn’t be getting involved… the player market is one of the last things left ccp hasn’t gutted


A vicious circle indeed.

Plex is still high and needs to go higher!! My stockpile must grow in value!!