Why uneccesary plex (ingame) price rise

Why did the plex price rise from 2.5m a unit to 5.17M isk a unit?
Thats like 100% price increase…
Omega and plex prices “only” went up by 30% not 100%…
Just look at the plex price rise its RIDICULOS PLEX - EVEMarketer

I dont want to start a stupid discussion but WHY are players driving up the plex prices by 100%?
Why??? i hate it its just some jerks trying to get money of the panic of ppls… and probably alot of ppl who drive the price of plex up are the ones complaining about omega increase plex price increase…



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Long version;
Jimmy wanted to play with his friend Timmy on the Weekends and the only way Jimmy could do that was if he exchanged his isk into plex to Omega his account to fleet with Timmy’s friends.

The price rise on plex leads to believe that there had been many Jimmy’s and or Kimmy’s in New Eden who demand plex and it is up to the likes of Kenny’s to flood the market with plex paid for by their own wallets.

Short version;
Stop trying to kill Kenny

They want de monies.

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In May the sub got a 33% increase that reflected on PLEX and in the last week it had a 300 PLEX for Omega offer that made PLEX go even higher.

I love the Reference to “Who killed Kenny”…

Sadly tho, for those of us that have been around awhile, the 300 plex/month was a MAJOR kick in the wedding tackle to new players…

CCP killed “Kenny” this time… and I doubt, there will be a recovery, never mind a re-run :frowning:

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If you want PLEX to become cheaper, go buy some from the EVE store and sell it on the in-game market.

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Perhaps nobody wants to spend actual money on this game anymore? Just a guess.

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Supply and demand. There was a big sale price on omega time which caused massive rise in demand for PLEX because you could buy omega for only 300 instead of the usual 500 for a while. That prompted a lot of sales of PLEX, which cause the price to go up. Higher demand means people can charge more for it. The price will drop gradually now that the deal is over, but it won’t be overnight reset to where it was before. Some people with enough ISK to do so are looking out for those lower prices on PLEX, then buying it up and relisting it for a profit.

That’s the system you voted for.


How so?

OMG! Another blind dove! It was all over the forums. There was a big Omega sale just a few days ago.

Really? Some people just plexed their chars for 5 years with this sale. That is a big (and undeserved imho) vote of confidence for CCP. And they also drained a big anount of PLEX from the marked and turned into game time (revenue) for CCP.
It was a nothing short of a genius move from CCP and they should make this at least once a year.

That I can tell the argument goes mostly like this:

New players who are Omega are probably paying for a subscription at the relatively recently increased rate. Older Omega players are more likely to be extending their subscriptions with PLEX and more likely to be able to benefit from this sale.

But basically, it’s the same old repeated forum trope it’s always been. Someone got something and someone else didn’t so the latter is taking it as a form of malfeasance that probably would not have mattered to them had the situation been reversed.

I wouldn’t say it’s not par for the course that CCP would do something odd for obtuse reasons that ostensibly benefit their own company while leaving us guessing as to exactly how, but I do find it disheartening that people are so pained by someone else getting a discount that they can’t help but attribute some measure of evil to the act that granted it.

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Is good.

So basically because CCP finally did something nice for vets, this was also somehow an act against new players?

I wouldnt want to live in the world of the poster, as to feed a cat one must also kick a dog.


You are right, people were panic buying and I took advantage of that.

When the plex prices on the market hit over 6 mil a plex, I dumped 50k plex at 5k plex at a time, just below the lowest sell price, ticking each one down by 200K per line item. It took less than 20 minutes to sell all that plex. Quickest 300 bill I made ever.

Even though I hold a lot of plex on a plex holding character (been gathering plex since plex was 300mil for 1, before the split), I got nothing on the people that hold potentially trillions of isk worth of plex.

EDIT: On a side note, I pay for yearly subs on my accounts, isk made ingame is meant to be enjoyed ingame for me. I will not make EVE a job. Ever. So I might lack some empathy for those that play eve as grind to sub their account ingame with plex.

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That is my interpretation based on what of the user’s other posts I’ve read. I still allow the possibility I have come to an incorrect conclusion, or that a person might change their mind.

problem is im 15 and got no cash xD

same yet i’m trying okay