How is Regional Average Price calculated?

When you go to sell something the screen says your sell price is above or below the regional average.

How is that average computed??


I went to sell 100 missiles.
The lowest sale price the Market screen showed for my region was 194.
So I put in the sales price of 193.
It came back and said my price was 51% below the regional average.

Doesn’t make sense to me.

Click on “price history” tab of item on market

With Jita being so dominant, and where most price discovery happens, best to just stick to price averages for The Forge and ignore the local region. Arguments could be made for ignoring this idea in the smaller hubs, Amarr, Hek/Rens, Dodixie.

I dont want to price myself out of the market.

If an item’s lowest regional price is say 100isk, selling at 95 would be low IMO but the game seems to think it’s grossly low (or high, depending) based on some average.

Hard to use it as a guide is my point.

It’s calculated based on current buy and sell orders. It’s easy to manipulate it by setting up bunch 1 isk buy orders or absurdly high sell orders.

As I said in my first reply. Use market history to determine your best price. As data used there is based on finished transactions. Not outstanding orders.

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It’s based on actually completed sales for the region in the last … crap, I don’t remember if the time span has been declared anywhere, and I’m not readily finding it. Anyway, it isn’t based on current ‘open’ orders but on what has actually sold - and this can be manipulated. Your best bet is to use this as an indication for what you should research for manual pricing vs selling to highest buy order - if the buy order price is wildly off regional average, either something is out of whack or nobody is really buying the item in that area.

Yes, it is hard to use as a guide. And of course you have to make prices competitive for where you are selling or buying. Since you mentioned missiles as an example, we’ll stick with that: Ammo prices tend to be higher in locations that have level four security agents, and very low in systems with out.

Prices for Ammo in those two different systems could be very far off the regional averages. If the region is not very populated, then the averages could be even more off. If you use the averages from the The Forge, then you can make a better choice than what the ‘regional average’ suggests.

This will help:

The formula for regional average market price is not supposed to be known to the community.

Deliberately manipulating average market prices will earn you a ban, with out looking I think this has its own line in the EULA.

it’s crap. all the matters are the active orders.

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That make sense.

This is not accurate.

This is also not accurate - only fulfilled orders are counted, not outstanding orders.

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