Update sale price to regional average

Would it be at all possible to add a button to the item selling window to be able to update a price to whatever the current regional average is for that item? (even better would be to use the current lowest seller price… but that would just throw fuel on the whole 0.01 undercut fiasco)

I can see that you can hover over the red/green triangle to see the figures of “regional average” and “best regional” and the default sale price is set to the best regional buy price. I would like to be able to press a button and update the ask price to match the average. Currently clicking on these triangles opens the market details window, could we not change this function to toggle between the 2 prices?

To add some context, say you have come back from a session of killing some pirate scum and you haul in your loot to sell it in bulk and you don’t want to spend a lot of time managing every price of each little item. It is useful to be able to have the best buy price set by default as well as an indication of how close that price is to the average, but with the market filled with jokers putting buy orders in place for 1 isk on a 1 million isk item, you still need to go through them all one by one to update the prices of these. Better would be to have the option to just set it to the average and try your luck at a longer order.

Consider it like being able to set the sale price as the recommended retail price.

An additional feature would be to add this option to the popup which warns of a price being ridiculously short of the average… could we add a button to automatically update these to the average? (i.e “are you sure you want to create this order?” yes/no/change to average)

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