I need to understand the Market message

I am very, very green - Day 6 to be precise - so I apologize in advance if the question is a silly one !

I am trying to buy a deep core miner worth ± 2900000 Isk, from a place which is the closest place I can buy it from, but then I get this message :

{ The price you have chosen is 297999900.00 % above regional average. Are you sure you want to enter this order?}

This item - according to the market app - is not available at my station - why do I get this message ?

Thank you in advance!

Regional average. Meaning the entire region where you can find that mod, it is overpriced compared to other regional averages

It’s a warning that you may be getting gouged on the price. Items will cost more away from the major trade hubs, but sometimes the prices can be extreme.

I would suggest checking the price against Jita, your area, and then decide if you want to buy local. Sometimes it is much more convenient to pay up for convenience. Your call.

Check prices here. Choose the Forge as the region to check Jita prices (main trade hub in game) by selecting region at the top left. You can check by your local region as well. The in-game market only pulls your current region.

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Thank you both for the quick replies.

The Evemarketer does quote the price from Jita - which is way less expensive than the list I get on the in game app. I checked the in game app, but cannot find a setting that will give me the Jita IV quote. Therefore I am unable to buy from Jita - is there a way around this?

Thank you for your time!

You have to travel into the same region as jita before you see jita prices, you are only seing your region’s prices.


Also click the gear drop down make sure its set to region and not station

Thank you, I understand now !!!


After six days I’ve bought a brand new Mining Laser I for my new Venture given by the career agent, LOL.

That was my thought as well.

@DOCMORT - be aware that the Deep Core Miner is a more specialist unit - designed for mining Mercoxit in nul-sec space. When used to mine normal ores it it performs about 15% worse than a EP-S Gaussian Scoped Mining Laser (my normal recommendation for a new player in a Venture).
If you are looking at a Deep Core Miner then that means you’ve got the Mining Skill at level V already and you can fit Miner IIs. A definite upgrade.

Mining Veldspar:
Deep Core about 7.5 m3/s
Guassian about 9 m3/s
T2 miner about 11 m3/s
(depending on the fit and pilot skills).

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This can be misleading sometimes. For example in a region where the item is trading very thin or even has not had a sale of the item in months or years you could see this simply because the “average” calculated by whatever method the game uses is nothing or so stale and far from the current price that it throws out such a message.

So it is a warning without context. On a heavily traded item in a busy station this could mean your about to make a mistake. Out in the middle of BFE most of the time it can be ignored as long as the item is in a price range that is reasonable. Think convenience and getting the item now vs going 50 jumps to Jita just to save the amount of isk you get from shooting one rat.

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