Pricing When Hovering Over an Item

One small frustration I have with EVE occurs when the game offers an estimated price for an item. Say I’m mining, get some ore in my hold, hover over it, and it says my ore is worth X amount.

I know I likely can’t sell it for that price. When I go to, say,, it gives me prices for Jita, Amarr, Rens, Dodixie, Hek, and Maila, which generally provide a much better idea of what my goods will sell for.

It would be nice if I could set an option in the settings for market info to a certain hub. In other words, I essentially tell the game, “When I hover over an item I’d like the pricing info for Jita.”

I’m not sure what goes into the estimated price EVE currently gives, but it’s usually optimistic, to say the least. At present, I typically ignore the information provided by hovering over the item, and I figure it could be a more useful feature.

The game is looking at your local region sales history to produce the estimated value, as best it can. Market data is region locked due to stress on the system trying to access market data in a global fashion - the market is huge and trying to interface with all of that data in real time is incredibly resource intensive. If CCP can find a way to make this less resource intensive and fetch data cross-region, I think this would be a handy QoL change. Until then, we are sadly stuck.


At least now I understand how they get their numbers, and that makes sense they would struggle to go through that massive amount of data.

Here’s hoping for the future, then. Thank you for your explanation.

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