Market prices on sale

I recently posted a stack of laser crystals for 3K each. A bunch have sold for that price but a handful have sold for 5K each. Why the price difference?

Someone wasn’t paying attention and bought them for a higher price while your’s were the cheapest option listed. So the order was filled with your inventory but at the higher price.


Further elaboration, you had 50 items listed but the customer wanted 150, your 50 sold at the lowest price able to fulfil 150 items.

Anything sub 100m Isk tends to be peanuts to established players unless it is a bulk buy.

A 10mn after burner will sell as quickly at 10m Isk or 1m Isk in a market hub, the irl difference being akin to 0.1 $.cent or 1 $.cent, no one is counting pennies for ship fit’s.

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