Aviator Legislative Kontrol [-ALK-] - ISK aligned high-sec corporation

If you are looking for a relatively small tightly-knit corporation based in Minmatar space, then keep reading.

Aviator Legislative Kontrol is 29 members strong (at the moment of writing) and consists of a variety of different types of players. We have avid miners, industrialists, explorers, PvErs, and we are regularly holding non-mandatory PvP fleets with free ships provided by the corp.

At the core, we are an industrialist corporation. We provide public mining fleets regularly and cooperate with others in Minmatar space. The corp is based near Rens, but at the moment we don’t have a POS.

We want to hit our current corp cap of 80 members before we make the decision to go through with the POS production process.

Our requirements:

  • Be a mature, decent person
  • Have an interest in industry, mining, trading, hauling


  • Have an interest in PvP

Perks of joining:

  • Orca Mining Boosts. (2x more money when mining)
  • Ore buyback program.
  • Reprocessing program. (have a great reprocessing character take care of your ores in exchange for processing fees, extra donation optional)
  • Be a part of an engaged group of people that want to succeed in the game.

Feel free to send me an eve mail in-game @ Zoran Spirkovski or join our public channel “-ALK- Pub”

At the moment, most members are EU-based, but we are open to members from all around the globe. Our primary focus right now is growth, and after a certain threshold we will slowly begin to evolve and set different goals.

Feel free to ask me any questions here or in-game and I will do my best to answer them as best as I can.

Looking forward to hearing from you! :wave:

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Daily bump.

We had one person reach out to join the corp, so we are very happy to be seeing our first results so soon!

Feel free to ask any questions either here on on Eve Mail!

Was really nice to hear from you Kobalt, and welcome to the corp.

We’ve started to slowly grow our numbers to 32 members.

Join our evolving story!

Growing up to 35. We are looking for both US and EU members interested in mining, industry, pvp, piracy, and the relaxed comfort of high-sec living. Eve mail me ingame to start the process

We’ve created a public channel “-ALK- Pub” which you can join in at any time if you want to hang out with us.

Join us for mining and piracy. Combo of the best worlds. :slight_smile:

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