Azbel Rigs - High Sec Production (Orca and Obelisk)


Producing Orcas and Obelisks in High Sec inside an Azbel

  1. Can a Standup L-Set Capital Ship Manufacturing Efficiency Rig be fitted or would only work in low sec with capital shipyard?

  2. If above rig cannot be fitted, I assume the Azbel in high sec can take a Standup L-Set Basic Capital Component Manufacturing Efficiency Rig?

  3. If the answer to question 2 is yes, is it better to fit a Standup L-Set Thukker Basic Capital Component Manufacturing Efficiency Rig?

Thank-you in advance!

Rigs don’t care about the security status when it comes to being allowed to be fitted in a structure. They only provide different bonus multipliers based on the security level of the system. If you check the Show Info window of the rigs, you see that they all list Bonus Multipliers for HS, LS and NS.

No, as the Thukker only gives a good bonus multipliers in low sec, which is by design. Judging by the wording of the description, also the Thukker Enhanced Cap Component Mat Reduction Bonus applies only in low sec.

Thank-you, really what I am trying to figure out is - do I put in a Capital Rig or Capital Component Rig?

I think with capital ship rig i need shipyard, and I don’t need shipyard for Orcas / Obelisk cause I am producing in indy caps

  1. It can be fitted afaik but it won’t provide any benefit since you can’t use the capital shipyard in highsec.
    You want Standup L-Set Basic Large Ship Manufacturing Efficiency, which provides a 2.4% ME and 24% TE bonus to the manufacture of (T1) Freighters and Orcas (and Battleships). Note that you’ll only see a real difference in materials if you are doing many runs, so building from BPO.
  2. Yes, and this is the first rig you should fit as it provides the largest bonus independent of job size (so whether you’re building 1 freighter or 100).
  3. No, the bonus is worse than T1 in high and nullsec.

Thank-you so much, I will start with the capital component rig - I wasn’t aware the Large Ship Manufacturing Efficiency included Orca’s and T1 freighters, I assumed it was just Battleships!

All production is off BPO’s