Bugged: L-SET/M-SET Thukker Advanced Component Manufacturing Rig

i noticed that the L-SET Thukker Advanced Component Manufacturing Efficiency rig does not give any bonus, at least for actual T2, T2 capital or tools BPs.

if you look at the attributes tab, it says “Thukker Enhanced Capital Component Material Reduction Bonus”, which is identical to the attribute in the L-SET Thukker Basic Capital Component rig.

i suspect the code was copied over from one to the other, but the modifications were not completed to make it apply to T2 components.

same issue exists for the M-SET rigs.

i have opened a bug report, but, maybe if more people report it, they will fix it sooner.


This rig has been optimized for use in low security space and will provide reduced benefits in all other areas of space. When installed in low security space it provides enhanced benefits to the materials required for construction of Tech 2 capital ship components and normal benefits to the construction of other Tech 2 components, Tools, Data Interfaces and Tech 3 components.

it was installed in low sec.

it was installed in a citadel along side the L-SET Thukker Enhanced Capital Component Material rig, which was working as intended.

please read the posting, the faulty rig clearly has an issue, since the attributes tab indicates it is giving bonuses to the wrong stuff.

sadly, the citadel it was installed in was destroyed.
when i get another one up and running, i will provide an example.
or maybe i’ll go onto SiSi and demonstrate.

Do that, much cheaper :wink:

here is a raitaru on the test server with both rigs installed.

note the text “Thukker Enhanced Capital Component Material Reduction” which appears in both.

i have submitted a bug report with a number of images demonstrating the issue.

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