Structure Component ME Bonus w/Standup XL-Set Thukker Structure and Component Manufacturing Efficiency

Hi ~

I have a question on whether the Standup XL-Set Thukker Structure and Component Manufacturing Efficiency

The description says:

When installed in low security space it provides enhanced benefits to the materials required for construction of basic and advanced capital ship components and normal benefits to the construction of other components, Upwell structures, structure modules, structure rigs, starbase structures and fuel blocks.

However, the actual attributes list:

Thukker Enhanced Capital Component Material Reduction Bonus -3.70%

Is anyone able to confirm if this is simply a bug? Any screenshots available showing the structure ME bonus working for manufacturing structure components?



For structure components the bonus is 2% X Lowsec multiplier 1.9 = 3.8%

For capital components only you get the increased bonus 3.7% X 1.9 = 7.03%

The rig is basically a replacement for the old POS Thukker assembly array to encourage manufacture of capital components in Lowsec. The rig is useless in other regions of space because of the 0.1 multiplier.


Thank you both for helping clarify!

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