B/O Lowered - WTS> 107.9m SP Born 2006 Subcap Pilot


Standard clone implants
High grade Jump clone located in Lowsec
Clean employment history
Very Good standings with most NPC Corps
No killrights
Positive Sec Status
2 remaps available
Located in High Sec

Very close to being Cap pilot with excellent support skills throughout, specialising in most types of ships (40m sp Spaceship command, 29 skills at Lvl 5) including;

Most races Frigs-BS
Advanced ships
T3 Cruisers

Start Offer at 70b
B/O 90b

I’ll start you at 77B


Daily bump. Thanks for bids so far keep them coming :slight_smile:

im ready with ISK in hand, just send the account name

78b is too low for this character, I can get more extracting the SP and selling injectors.

82 bil


80 bil

Confirming 82

Bump! Will lower B/O to 90b, in case anyone wants to up their bid for what is a very good character.

I’ll do the 90 bil b/o. Please confirm acceptance here and reply to my in game mail.

B/O Accepted sorry for delay busy time of year :slight_smile:

Thanks Z… No worries, thanks for the responses here and in-game. ISK and account info has been sent!

ISK confirmed as received. Transfer started

Transfer confirmed.

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