[NO LONGER FOR SALE] 109m SP Sub-Cap Pilot. Born in 2010

(IntimidatorW) #1

This character is no longer for sale. I wasn’t getting bids high enough to justify selling, so will just sit on account for a while until I return to Eve.

Thanks all for your interest.

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(IntimidatorW) #7

Daily bump. What ya’ll waiting for. :slight_smile:

(Gordon Gould) #8

70b bid. Isk isn’t ready for a couple of days though.

(IntimidatorW) #9

Ok I’ll keep your bid in mind! Let me know when isk is ready, we’ll see how the bidding is going.

(IntimidatorW) #10

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(Batida Brasil) #11

70b ISK ready.

(IntimidatorW) #12

Holding off for a bit longer, would like to sell for closer to actual value. Will keep you in mind if nothing else comes in over next two weeks though.

(IntimidatorW) #13

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(Sofra Isagar) #14

72b offered.

(IntimidatorW) #15

Thanks! Noted. Keeping bidding open for 12 more days to try to get better offers.

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(IntimidatorW) #17

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(Sisa Amatin) #18

Please fix your eveskillboard link : “Automatic ESI Updates Failed. An unknown error occured.”

(IntimidatorW) #19

I don’t see that error; link is working for me. Screenshot?

(Sisa Amatin) #20

Now is OK.

(IntimidatorW) #21

Daily bump. New b/o of 85b