[SOLD] WTS 119m SP subcap focused PVP pilot

(Master oeN) #1


I wish to find a new owner.


Max Logi
Max Recon
Max command

Positive wallet, -0.10 sec status, has 1 jump clone in lowsec, “main clone” is in jita. Will pay transfer fee when I get the isk.

Starting bid: 92b
Buyout: 110b

I reserve the right not to sell this character should I not find an offer to my liking.

(Master oeN) #2

Bump :slight_smile:

(Master oeN) #3

Bump :heart:

(Master oeN) #4

Bump. Offers below minimum bid now being considered.

(Swan Sai) #5

95.5b b/o

(Master oeN) #6

Accepted. Awaiting ISK and account name.

(Swan Sai) #7

isk and account name sent

(Master oeN) #8

ISK and acocunt name recieved, starting transfer.