WTS 79 mil SP subcap+rorqual+apostle pilot

(Eliahana Bridhan) #1

Skills etc. https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/eliahana_bridhan
No killrights
Positive wallet
Nice killboard statistic: https://zkillboard.com/character/96015938/
Located in high sec
I’ll pay transfer fees

Min price 80 bil ISK

(Dobi Mecata) #2

75 bil

I know it is lower than your set min but I hope you will consider it

(Eliahana Bridhan) #3

If I don’t get better offer in 1-2 days you’ll get this character. I hope it’s ok fpr you.

(Eliahana Bridhan) #4

And bump

(Eliahana Bridhan) #5

and bump!

(Eliahana Bridhan) #6

75 bil ISK b/o accepted.
Please send me your account name and the ISK I’ll start transfer asap.
Thank you.

(Dobi Mecata) #7

Info and ISK sent

(Daiki Nomura) #8

Character has been transfered. Thank you.

(system) #9

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