Back to api or choice use sso/api

great user of different software for eve fitting and other, I am really disappointed with the sso system, the system is not practical, the api was much better and a lot of software to accompany eve, by what you have to be realistic, fitting in your eve always “limit” by the number, and by the idea of a tank dps compared to the damage received.
example evehq.
evemoon with sso it’s horror.
and since sso mandatory I do not use smartphone software, by my password recorded in keepass with 20 characters for strong security.
so before you can copy paste on block note api, time saving, management, ease, a lot of support.
My opinion is that this change has made a lot of things go backwards.

Well they won’t go back to the old system so you’ll kind of have to get used to it, the older API was limited compared to the new interface provided alongside the SSO

you really have to change the system for the user, it’s unpleasant !!! change of password must start again, use on several applications + change password, it’s the end of the world !!!
seriously more with multi account, you lose hours just for that

I’ve not had to change my password in literally years, and its deliberately designed to reset account access like that because its a security feature, what is to prevent me hacking your account then setting up a full API key which is then not disabled when you change your password to boot me out, if making the system more secure is “bad for the user” then thats a sacrifice that is going to be made

Like i said, CCP will not downgrade account security just because you don’t like it :stuck_out_tongue:

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