Backup of the launcher accounts possible?


i want to backup my launcher accounts with the usernames and passwords because i have to install a backup of my hdd gaming partition. Does someone know where these information are stored?
These information seems not to be in the settings folder.


Pen and paper?

If this information would be able to transfer as file this would be massive security concern. It’s not possible as far as I understand.

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Hello Lis,

the information have to be stored at the computer. The launcher read this information from a file and knows, which accounts are installed at this computer. You can see it at the list. If you disconnect your computer from the internet, the list still exists. The question is, where these information can be found.


Did you tried to start launcher without internet connection? Quick look at my launcher log shows that all login data is downloaded from internet at launcher start. It’s not stored locally

Only thing I can find that launcher knows from local drive is account ID

handleCommand: "userlistloaded" CustomWebPage(0xb2668e0)

Queueing eve_launcher.WebLoaded : users { server: "tq" user_ids { sequential: xxxx } user_ids { sequential: xxxxx } } launcher_started_from: NONE

info: Checking if login window should open after restoring users 1
info: Login window check: Should login window open: false 1
info: Providing backend with token for tq 1

The login data may be downloaded from the ccp servers. But the lauchner knows which accounts should be loaded. The computer id or another unique ID has to exist. Therefore the launcher loads the right login data for this computer. And there has to be a file, which accounts are added in the past for this unique computer.



is where you should look if you are so interested in this.

Are you actually concerned with your account setting files, rather than the launcher login credentials?

Those are saved off as ‘profiles’ that you can back up and then re-associate with individual accounts after you re-install. Instructions are here:

CCP will always require players to re-authenticate login credentials after a re-install, as permitting carryover is far too risky from a data security perspective. Even if you copied over the file housing those credentials, CCP would recognize that the launcher ID and token do not match and force a re-authentication process.


@Mkikaden: I have to restore a backup with acronis. My problem is, that this backup is several months old and not all accounts from my list are inside this installation. Therefore my idea to save this account data files.

But if i read it correctly, that will not work and I need some time to add the accounts again. Next problem is then the 2 factor authentication. It is not possible to remove this authentification like in the past. Some years ago, the username and password was enough for a login.


You are correct that there is no way to avoid having to re-add the accounts to the launcher itself, and authenticating them anew, as that is a security measure on CCP’s part. Sorry we couldn’t help with that - it’s one of those areas where convenience takes second place to security full-stop. At least once you have added the account you can select to remember to token going forward - until the next reinstall/recovery.

Also, if you will use actual 2 factor authentication you will skip email codes. It would be faster to use one token for all accounts and your phone than waiting for all the emails with codes.

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